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Black is White Toothpaste 90ml (Mild Lime Mint Flavour)

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The Black Is White whitening toothpaste has a refreshing lemony taste and works hard on removing discolouration using activated carbon without abrading or bleaching. This toothpaste strengthens oral health: enzymes protect against tooth decay and support salivary functions.

key ingredients include activated charcoal is responsible for the gentleness of this whitening toothpaste. It adsorbs stain particles and gently eliminates them. Sodium fluoride remineralizes the enamel and protects against tooth decay; it is particularly fast-acting and helps maintain a neutral pH in the mouth.

Nano-hydroxylapatite is a mineral-crystalline substance from which the bones and teeth, as well as pearls, are made. Its high surface tension causes intensive deposition on the tooth surface, where it functions as an optical reflector (makes teeth whiter), remineralises the enamel and closes ex-posed dentin channels thus providing relief against painful teeth sensitivity.

This toothpaste includes an enzymatic system, these enzymes enhance the saliva’s antibacterial and antiviral functions. In addition, they protect against tooth decay and help to combat dry mouth. Additionally, prestige sparkling blue® aesthetically supports the whitening effect as a physical brightener and emphasises the whiteness of teeth because blue compensates for the yellowish tinge.
Starphere ®Starphere gives a pleasant cooling sensation while cleaning.

Contains no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS); no triclosan; no plastic particles.