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Mass Tech Performance Series | Cookies & Cream

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MuscleTech Mass Tech Performance Series has been scientifically formulated to add mass to hard gainers.

Mega Calories

To start increasing weight and size athletes need to consume more calories than they burn. Most of the calories would come from eating more food at regular intervals. A mass gaining shake like Mass Tech helps to supplement their calorie and proteins needs with a delicious, great tasting nutritional shake which is easy to drink.

Typically hard gainers would need to consume between 4000 – 6000 calories per day. An average cheese burger with medium chips is about 700 – 800 calories. Eating 5 – 6 of these meals a day is obviously not the solution as they contain excessive amounts of saturated and trans-fats which wreak havoc with your health.

MuscleTech Mass Tech gives 800 calories per serving with only 4 grams of saturated fat and zero trans-fats.

High Protein Dose

In addition to the 800 calories per serving there is 63 grams of protein from 5 different protein sources.

Getting protein from different sources gives you a full amino acid profile and the benefits of each source.

Quality Carbs

Cheap mass gainers are loaded with sugar, with a typical serving have 20 – 30 grams of sugar! Each serving of Mass Tech only has 9 grams of sugar and considering the amount of calories you get that is simply astonishing.

The low sugar amount is a result of real food carbohydrates being used such as Oat Bran, Quinoa, Buckwheat and Millet. This means that excessive abdominal fat will be kept to a minimum.

Workout Strength

Each serving has 10 grams of creatine monohydrate which has been shown to increase strength and power during weight training.

MuscleTech Mass Tech Performance Series is a high quality mass gaining shake designed for hard gainers who struggle to increase weight and size.